Hello, i'm Lori

About me:

I love sex, good company, nice food, travel , dance and...... a lot of life! I enjoys art exhibitions, museums, travelling and sport activities. Never drama with me! I will deliver the unforgettable atmosphere and you will feel yourself like a king.

On my site i used not only my real photos but and pictures of my favorite painter Steve Hanks (like a decoration of my site), I hope you like it!

Now, when you know a little bit about me, let's meet and have fun together.

My travel:

09.05 - 09.07 Hartford

My rate:


1h (First meeting)$500
1h (If we've met before)$450
3-4h dinner date$1400
(deposit $400)
Up to 12 h$3000
(deposit $500)
Up to 24 hpls contact me